Venlo’s Carbon Fiber Collection

Today carbon fiber is one of the most dynamic and sought after materials in the world.   Its applications and benefits are endless – remarkably light weight, amazingly strong, flexible, corrosion resistant and even nonflammable.

Venlo’s reason for creating the Carbon Fiber Collection?  The sheer beauty!
This new Pen Case holds 20 pens.

Orbita Watchwinders

As the name implies, INSAFE winders (from Orbita Sparta) are designed for the watch collector who keeps his/her watches in a safe. These units are totally “wireless”, operating on standard “D” cell alkaline batteries. With battery life measured in years, not months, there is no need for providing AC power in the safe. The INSAFE case is constructed from lightwood, 5 ply Baltic Birch plywood with dovetailed construction to prevent handling damage. The case is then covered in attractive textured leatherette. Watches are held recessed in the case so that stacking multiple units never exposes watches to damage.